Asakusa Area

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Khaosan Tokyo Guest House
Asakusa. 3 hostels in Asakusa - Original, Annex, Smile. Dorm from Y2000. Private rooms Y2000-3700 per person. Very small, basic. Communal bathrooms.

K's House Tokyo Backpacker's Hostel
Near Kuramae and Asakusa stations. Dorm Y2800, twin/double Y3400 per person. No curfew. Communal bathrooms, lounge, kitchen etc.

Sakura Hostel
Near Asakusa station. Dorm Y2940. Private twin Y8295 per room. Clean, good reviews.

Tokyo Sumidagawa Youth Hostel
Near Asakusabashi station. Member Y3000, non-member Y3600. Basic hostel. 11pm curfew.

Taito Ryokan
Near Tawaramachi station on Ginza line, and 7-8 minutes from Asakusa station and Kuramae station. 20-25 mins walk to Ueno station. Old, basic. Japanese style but more like hostel than ryokan. Y3000 a night. Communal showers, toilets. Single guests usually have to share a room.

Tokyo Ryokan
Near Tawaramachi station and about 10 min walk to Asakusa station. Y3000 per person. No single rooms, couples/groups can use room privately. Shared toilets and showers. Japanese style. Only 3 rooms.

Asakusa Ryokan Toukaisou
Near Tawaramachi Station & Tsukuba express Asakusa station. About 10 minutes walk from Asakusa station. Japanese-style twin/double room with private bathroom. 1 person Y4500, 2 people Y6600-7000. Dorm Y2600. Good reviews.

Family Hotel Kamogawa
Near Asakusa station and temples of Asakusa. Ryokan. From Y6000 per person. Some rooms have a bath. There's a communal Japanese bath which can be privately used. Clean, communal toilets. Free internet. Can provide breakfast and dinner too for extra cost.

Shigetsu Ryokan
Asakusa. Single from Y7700, double from Y14700. Private bathrooms. Japanese or Western style.

Asakusa Riverside Capsule Hotel
Near Asakusa station. Y3000 men or women. Public baths.

Tsukuba Hotel & Capsule Asakusa
Near Asakusa station. Single Y5200 private bath. Capsule Y2400 men or women. Basic. No curfew.

Hotel Kaminari-mon
Near Asakusa station. Single from Y5300, twin from Y10000. Beds, some rooms with private bathrooms. Ryokan-style.

Hotel New Gyominso
Near Asakusa station. From Y5780 per person. Western rooms with private bathrooms or japanese-style rooms.

Toyoko Inn Asakusa Senzoku
Near Tsukuba line Asakusa station, aslo near Iriya station. Possible to walk to JR/Metro Asakusa station. Single from Y5800, double Y7800. Business hotel chain.

Hotel Unizo Asakusa
Near Tawaramachi and Asakusa stations. One person from Y6300, two from Y7980. Business hotel. Also hotels in Kanda and Shimbashi.

Toyoko Inn Asakusa Komagata
Near Kuramae and Asakusa stations. Single from Y6000, double/twin Y8800. Business hotel chain.

Skycourt Asakusa
Near Asakusa station. Single/semidouble from about Y5800. Check plans, prices vary depending on date.

Hotel Sunroute Asakusa
Near Asakusa station. Single from Y7000, double from Y11000. Private bathrooms.

Nihonbashi Villa
Near Asakusabashi station. Single from Y7980, double from Y11550.

Near Ryogoku station

(area guide)

Pearl Hotel Ryogoku
Near Ryogoku station. Y7800-10000. 2 star. Cheap, clean, business hotel style. Not much English spoken. Can be booked from, expedia, etc.

Ryogoku River Hotel
Ryogoku. Business hotel. Single Y6930, twin 11550.